On the 25th of February, the competition in Applied electronics ‘I CAN AND I KNOW HOW’ was held with the assistance of ‘Elimex’ retail chain. (STEM) It was attended by students majoring in Computer Engineering and Technology in two age groups. The competitors compete in two stages: a theoretical test and a practical task where, for 80 minutes, they must realize an electronic product (a board on which they soldered with tinol) and describe its action. If the participants finish in 60 minutes they get bonus points for speed. All of the participants received a bonus. Due to the pandemic situation, the competition was spectated in an online environment by representatives of the organizing company and the vocational training teachers in the high school. The practical tasks are the following:

1. Solar system – the device is made up of 10 flashing LEDs, arranged in a specific way to resemble the solar system. The device is suitable for decoration, games and entertainment. Technical Specifications: Supply voltage: 9V battery; Maximum consumption: 15 mA; Board dimensions: 75 x 75 mm;

2. Running lights – The device controls two rows of 6 LEDs, each row is with a different color of the LEDs. Technical Specifications: Supply voltage: 9V battery; Maximum consumption: 10 mA; Board dimensions: 75 x 50 mm; The students put into practice knowledge, experience and competencies in the fields of mathematics and technical sciences in an innovative environment.