Activities and messages

On the 5th of september 2014 will take place a science conference "The Spirit of Traditions" Lectors from the Regional museum and university "Proffesor Asen Zlatarov" will give lessons on the theme of cultural and traditional inheritance in the region near the border. The conference will be in 10.00 in the Junior cultural centre in Burgas. For creative and talanted students from PGEE: There will be a contest for a creation of a logo on the project. On the 8th and 9th of april 2014 there will be a meeting for both of the sides of the project. On the meeting the partners will talk about the activites on the project, the periods of execution, plans for the auction procedure, organization of the conference and concerts. IMPORTANT The training of the dance groups will take place during june as it follows: 1.Folk dancing and mummers - Monday and Wednesday after the 6th subject Leaders:Dora Bareva and Dimitar Ginov 2.Art formation Tuesday and Thursday after the 6th subject Leader:Vania Delcheva