Dance team

The composition for folk dances at the "K.Fotinov" PGEE was created in 2007. The idea came about in connection with the forthcoming school holiday and the concert that we had to convey. At the same time, we attracted the beautiful and colorful world of Bulgarian dance and the opportunity to meet and learn the dance of the different folklore fields. The first step in realizing this idea was accomplished with the help of Mr. Dimitar Atanasov, who prepared us for the patron saint of the high school. Stage costumes carry the main elements of the Thracian costume. We seized them after winning a MES Project to fund extracurricular activities. Choreographer of the two-year composition is Mrs. Dora Bareva - a very demanding manager with high professionalism. The concert appearances of the composition are related to school and national holidays, but are related to many pleasant experiences and emotions. Our excitement is enormous. It comes from the beauty of dancing, from the applause of our classmates, from the satisfaction of well done work during the rehearsals. It is a tradition that every concert has to end with a Bulgarian horo, to which all students and teachers are caught. We lead it - the participants in the folk dance group at the "K.Fotinov" The future of the composition is related to the ambition to present to our classmates Bulgarian folk dances from all folklore areas. To show them the richness of our dance folklore and, if possible, to join them. We have other ideas and we will struggle to implement them and preserve this tradition of our school. To dance Bulgarian folk dances is exciting. Let's get to the dance!