School program

Electrical equipment for lifting and lifting equipment Electricity Electrotechnical materials Electrical drawing Electrical engineering Electronics Economy Laboratory Practice Electrical Measurements Processing of materials Entrepreneurship Mechanics Educational practice Electrotechnical materials Laboratory Practice EMA Training practice in the specialty Manage lifts and hoists Elevators and hoists Electrical machinery and apparatus Electrical installation practice Wiring Installation, operation and repair of lifts and hoists Radio and TV Traineeship learning practice Television equipment Technical Drawing and Documentation Radio equipment Entrepreneurship Laboratory Practice Electrical Measurements Laboratory practice Economy Building blocks Electrical engineering Business communications Analog Circuits Learning practice digital schematics Digital Circuits Electrical equipment of production Tutorial practice general metal Entrepreneurship Processing of materials Mechanics Laboratory Practice Electrical Measurements Economy Electronics Electricity Electrical engineering Electrical drawing Electrotechnical materials Business communications Electrical installation practice Installation and operation Lighting equipment Laboratory Practice EMA Electrical machinery and apparatus Wiring Telecommunication systems Entrepreneurship Electrical installation practice Laboratory Practice Electrical Measurements Technical drawing Economy Business communications Analog Circuits Electrical engineering Laboratory Practice Electronic Measurements Training practice in schematic engineering Transmission lines Consumer devices Digital Circuits                                                                           Electrical machinery and apparatus   Entrepreneurship Laboratory Practice Electrical Measurements Economy Processing of materials Mechanics