Visionary European Agora КА229

Проект по програма Еразъм +, стратегически партньорства КА 229. ПГЕЕ "Константин Фотинов" е партньор по проекта "Европейски визионери Агора", заедно с институции от Италия, Англия и Полша.

The “Visionary European Agora” project sets three main objectives, which intercept the priorities of the Erasmus+ Programme in the framework of the "Strategic Partnerships – KA229", 2020-1-IT02-KA229-079205_4.


- to improve methodologies and tools able to qualify the lifelong learning;

- to strengthen the development of key competences fostering creativity and growth in innovative learning spaces;

- to promote the STE(A)M approach to education through interdisciplinary STEM teaching in different cultural, environmental, and economic contexts.

The main idea of the project "Visionary European Agora" is to "Open up to Europe" the experimentation of new educational approaches in an innovative space, through school exchanges among 72 direct beneficiaries, selecting 6 students from each School involved in the project, who will carry out an exchange abroad for 7 days, including 2 travel days.

Four transnational exchanges will be organized among the Institutes, each one in a different country, on different topics:

- the first exchange will be held in Bulgaria: "VISIONARY EUROPEAN AGORA: SCIENCES OF THE NEW ERA”;

- the second, entitled "VISIONARY EUROPEAN AGORA: The Sustainable Citizen" will be hosted by the coordinating school in Italy;

- the third exchange will be realized in England: "VISIONARY EUROPEAN AGORA: Digital Entepreneurs";

- the fourth, and last, exchange will be held in Poland: "VISIONARY EUROPEAN AGORA: iTraditions".


Желаещите за участие в проекта попълват заявление по Европейски образец и го изпращат на посочената електронна поща с тема на писмото Агора:

Срокът е 10 март 2021.

Заявлението може да намерите в тази секция като прикачен файл.

Критерии за избор на участници в проекта.