Creativity and Innovation in Classroom

The mobility under the project "Creativity and Innovation in Classroom", financed under ERASMUS+ program, sector School Education, No. 2022-1-BG01-KA122-SCH-000073306, has ended. Teachers from "Konstantin Fotinov" VSEEE, the city of Burgas, attended two structured courses in Barcelona, Spain and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The participation in these structured courses resulted in increasing the quality of teaching and learning by promoting the use of new technologies and innovative teaching methods, enhancing the skills for active participation in various fields of the civil society, as well as developing social and intercultural competences, critical thinking, and media literacy. The trainings and courses were organized and held together with the partner organization Europass Teacher Academy based in Florence, Italy. Following the program, the teachers also held cultural visits to Haarlem and Zaandam, the Netherlands. In the "Social Media in the Classroom" course in Barcelona, two teachers improved their qualifications by enhancing their digital skills. They were trained how to use different social media in the classroom; to manage groups, communicate and share materials; to create lists on various topics, to share and embed video and playlists; to manage a virtual classroom, to communicate with students and parents; to give assignments and exercises through social media; to understand ethical issues and what skills are needed to manage privacy settings for the safe use of social media. During the structured course "Soft Skills for Strong Teachers" in Amsterdam our four teachers were trained how to improve and facilitate communication and active listening; to promote motivation; apply the principles of leadership and cooperation; increase creativity and problem-solving skills; focus on emotional awareness to improve public speaking; practice relaxation methods and give advice on creating a better work-life balance. The two structured courses also have another goal – to increase the popularity of our vocational school while working on international projects. "We want to persuade the public - including students, parents and employers, that only through lifelong learning, a person acquires new knowledge, skills and experience in the desired fields, that subsequently help to successfully enter the labor market," says VSEEE "Konstantin Fotinov". The courses will be recognized as an in-house qualification for the participating teachers who will apply what they have learned in their future work and will train the students form all classes, because "Innovative teachers are the foundation of successful students". Of course, the teachers will also share the experience with their vocational school colleagues. The acquired knowledge and skills will be shared in classes with the students and in the extracurricular classes of interest, which will guarantee the sustainability of the project over time. And the unforgettable memories of the Spanish and Dutch culture, traditions, customs, and cuisine will last a lifetime.

Participants: Veneta Terzieva, Silvia Dobreva, Ivilina Vulova, Dimitar Binev, Nedka Shopova and Evelina Gancheva.

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