Computer technology and technologies

The training of students in the profession - computer equipment and technology includes general, sectoral and specific vocational training and compulsory foreign language training. General training is carried out through the study of compulsory general education subjects of secondary education. Branch training includes the study of: electrical engineering, building elements, technical drawing and documentation, analog circuitry and digital circuitry.          Specific training includes the study of modern microprocessor and computer systems, application software and information technologies, computer architectures, system and application software, etc. The preparation is accompanied by the deepening of certain sections of the disciplines included in the general and sectoral preparation. The accent is on disciplines providing in-depth knowledge in the field of perspective trends such as "Architecture and Assembling of Computer Systems and Networks", "Applied Programming. Graduates of the full training course in the profession should be able to install the necessary system specialized software to operate the computer system according to its configuration, install the application software according to the client's requirements and deliver the computer system in complete form, use the automated design tools and apply The theoretical knowledge acquired in the specific workplace conditions.