Professionals with a European dimension

European projects - a path to new friendships and professional appearances. Professionals with a European dimension Project No 2009-1-BG1-LEO01-01746 Lifelong Learning Program, Leonardo da Vinci sectoral program " Project duration - 13.10.2009 to 30.11.2010 Mobility Period - 27.06.2010 to 18.07.2010 Beneficiaries: 20 students from eleven classes, divided into two directions - computer networks and power engineering. The selection of the participants in the mobility was carried out by the project committee according to the following criteria: - Success from 1st grade in educational and laboratory practice not less than Very good 5; - vocational training test - over 50%; - a test in German - over 50%; - Participation in extracurricular activities related to project topics - competitions, competitions, exhibitions for the entire period of the high school education. Specific objectives: - acquisition and improvement of practical knowledge and skills in the field of building and maintenance of computer networks in the conditions of a modern working environment. - acquiring practical knowledge and skills in the field of electrical measurements and electrical installation with modern and modern equipment and electrical installation products. - education in honesty, correctness, tolerance, precision, discipline and acquiring team work habits. - improving language skills both in spoken and in terminology German Pedagogical, cultural and linguistic preparation The preparation of the students was done after the selection of the following criteria: - pedagogical preparation - meeting - conversation with parents and students about the purpose and program of mobility. - cultural preparation takes place in two stages by the participants themselves: Stage I - study each member of the target group on pre-set EU-related topics of principles, rituals, institutions, educational programs, and history and cultural traditions of Germany. Stage II - sharing the survey results through a presentation among group members. - Language preparation includes 120 hours of conversational and terminology German. At the end of the training, an exam was held. - the preparation of the Health and Safety Equipment Act included conducting travel instructions, safety equipment, labor protection, fire protection, assistance to injured persons. Understanding institutions with which to address issues of a different nature abroad. Host organization - Vitalis in Leipzig - Stokeditz / Germany Certification - Europass Mobility Certificate; - Vitalis certificate for mobility - Certificate from the Center for Vocational Qualification and Re-Qualification in Leipzig - ZAW and Robotron for Skills Achieved during Practical Activities; - Certificate for Linguistic, Cultural, Pedagogical and Safety Preparation. The project was held at the Youth Cultural Center Hall on September 30, 2010. There were persons from RIE Bourgas, Bourgas Municipality, various media, parents and potential participants in the next project - students from the current 11 grades. Each participant shared his opinion about his stay in Germany and about what he had learned from the practice. The director of the high school Kosta Papazov handed out to each participant the mobility certificates.