Volunteers in school

The project has been funded with European funds from the Comenius sub-program. Volunteers at school started in 2011 and lasts for 2 years. Partners in this project are schools from Bulgaria, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, Lithuania, Italy, the Czech Republic, Portugal and Cyprus. During the two years there will be 4 Mobility of 6 students and 6 teachers. In October 2012 our high school will host the third mobility. Students and teachers from partner countries will work at the "Golden Fall" meeting in Burgas. Project site: www.volunteersatschool.eu Summer 2012 The project "Volunteers at School" and PGEE "K.Fotinov" was presented at the exhibition "Youth on the Move", which took place from August 2 to 5 in Burgas. The initiative was carried out by the European Commission together with the Municipality of Burgas and the Center for Human Resources Development. Our high school was on the booth of the HRDA. Alex Todorov, Alexander Chukov and Project Coordinator Evelina Gancheva presented the project's work during the first year and presented their impressions of the implemented mobility. Alex Todorov told about the visit to the city of Larissa, Greece.