Past Experience and Future Insight

Number of project: 2020-1-BG01-KA101-078059 The main objectives of this project in the fields of science and education, social dialogue, and cooperation and culture are: • improving teaching and training; • acquiring new teaching methods; • enhancing cultural awareness, creativity and innovation skills; • achieving a positive and sustainable school environment. In order to achieve the main objectives, we have formulated more specific targets in the fields of foreign languages and social dialogue. These include: achieving communication and interpersonal abilities through creative teaching and learning in English; increasing language knowledge and acquiring the skills to practice positive thinking; reduction of negative self-criticism, communication through positivism or constructive criticism; positive communication with students and teachers in a sustainable environment. Six teachers will be trained and qualified within the project through two structured courses, organized by the Europass Teacher Academy for the period of one week. The first one is "CLIL in Practice: Focus on Florence". The course participants will become familiar with the application of modern teaching methods, as well as become experts in teaching content (academic subject) and language (also known as CLIL). This is highly suitable for teachers and school staff who are employed in a vocational high school. The second course is called "Design the Positive: Positive Thinking, Positive Communication and Positive School Spaces." The following topics are emphasized: positive thinking; the source of negative self-esteem; concentration and humour; how to make communication positive, both visually and verbally; formation of psychological principles. The profile of the project participants is: pedagogical specialists who work with young people daily, psychologists, head teachers, English teachers. In order to successfully complete our project, we will carry out the following activities: preliminary preparation of the participants: • getting familiar with the course materials provided by the host organization; • self-preparation and practicing the language; • dissemination of the results: sharing, conversations, discussions, development of promotional material, press information and social media; • implementation and use of knowledge in school hours and activities in high school. The expected results are as follows: The participants will: • update their knowledge of the specifics of foreign language learning in the field of integrated subject learning; • deepen their knowledge of relevant methods and techniques for teaching, assessment and examination typical of CLIL; • enhance their organizational and time management skills for planning an effective learning process; • expand their skills in selecting and adapting appropriate learning activities and materials; • acquire the ability to practice positivism and create a sustainable school environment; • successfully integrate new methods and knowledge into the curriculum and activities of the high school. We expect to establish useful acquaintances with other participants during this international cooperation, which will broaden the European dimension of our high school, This will provide an irreplaceable opportunity to share professional knowledge and examples of good practices. This project will be a logical continuation of the work in the high school on projects focused on the growth, professional development and successful qualification of the teaching staff.