PLC a new look in automation

The PLC - A New Look at Automation project is funded by the European Lifelong Learning Program, the Leonardo da Vinci sectoral program Project number 2010-1-BG1-LEO01-03329 The project was presented to the pedagogical team on 6.10.2010. The project will include students from the 11th grade of the high school. The target group will be of all specialties - CTT, TCM, EMA, PTT, EEPAT, GPU. PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) are a European standard that is increasingly used in building and industrial automation. Main objectives of the project: - Forming PLC programming and operation capabilities; - acquiring skills for analyzing and evaluating the technical properties of the PLC in relation to their technical application; - Raising logical thinking and ability to transfer knowledge from theory to practice; - the formation of cognitive interests; - education in accuracy, correctness, tolerance, precision, discipline and acquisition of team work habits; - increasing intercultural and language competencies. The selection of the participants in the mobility will be carried out by the Commission on the criteria set by the project team. Selection criteria for participants: 1. average grade 10 grade; 2. average success of the IT and IT assessments; 3. assessment from grade 10 teaching practice; 4. successfully passed a vocational training test - over 50%; 5. passed a test in English - over 50%; 6. participation in extracurricular activities related to the project topics - technical exhibitions, competitions, competitions for the whole period of their stay in the high school; 7. without penalty imposed by the Pedagogical Council until the selection of the participants in the mobility. When imposing a punishment after the formation of the group, the student is replaced with a reserve; 8. active participation in the life of the high school - choir, dance ensemble, electric club. (Taken into account at equal points on the other criteria). The Commission for Preparation, Implementation and Reporting of the Project selects the top 20 applications for mobility participants and four reservations. Project was completed successfully!