Our pride

The Pride of High School - Our Excellent Students! Zlatin - the golden boy from Burgas who lived in the Shaolin Monastery. Zlatin is 18 years old and is a student from 12g class in high school. For many years he has been involved with Taijiquan of the Yang family. He is really lucky, as his teacher is a personal student of Grandmaster Yang Jiu, the sixth generation, the 5th generation of the Yan family. Zlatin is among the Bulgarian readers who had the chance to live six months in China and train in the Shaolin Monastery. Zlatin is extremely impressed with the discipline and power of the spirit, sincere people, good and pure manners. While he was in China, he not only trained, but also participated in races, he won first places, but he says, "I am happy with what I saw and touched." The medal and the diploma are not the most important, The most important thing is what stays in my heart, friendships, meetings with people and the things I learned. "