New time - a new clsssroom

The Vocational High School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics "K. Fotinov" would like to implement this project program in order to improve the educational process, in accordance with the school's strategy and the European development plan. This course is suitable for all teachers who wish to receive practical guidance on how to use a wide range of ICT tools and how to integrate them into the teaching process with the aim of enhancing and enriching students' knowledge, in conformity with the curriculum. The main objective of this project is to improve teachers’ training and the methods they apply in teaching by using ICT in class and to apply the new skills acquired in this field in the creation of ICT teaching and learning materials. Other significant goals are: Providing opportunities to participants for considering their own approaches to teaching; Preparing the participants for the application of the course content in their classrooms; Improving participants' skills in developing digital literacy and the learners’ literacy; To provide a technological toolkit suitable for teachers and to improve the quality of key competences in the spheres of ICT - Podcastind, Movie Making, Web 2.0, Blogging, ePortfolio, Wikie, Webquests and social media; To provide information on various online resources to promote the best practices in education. Sharing the best practices, ideas and materials with the colleagues in the EU. The participants will learn how to work with free and easy-to-use educational software to refine basic techniques such as sound and image editing, digital reporting. Another equally important advantage is that the participants will be able to boost their communication skills in English since the working language is English and the venue is in an English-speaking country - Ireland. Four representatives of the PGEE staff will participate in the ICT course. The use of computers and ICT is a critical requirement for people from almost all the professions in the contemporary world. Information and communication technologies (ICT) have the potential to change and innovate the teaching and learning processes. This is an ideal course for all teachers interested in continuing their professional development. The training methodology is based on a combination of three important elements: Providing the necessary knowledge (theory); Using training tools such as case studies, videos, games, animations and exercises (practice, trainings); Feedback / journal reporting (review). The outcome from the teachers' participation in the „ICT course in teaching” will be expressed through the provision of sufficient information and experience in mastering key competences such as implementing new technologies in teaching different subjects, learning through a specific task, opportunities to apply innovative methods for teaching and learning, raising cultural awareness and communication skills in English. The benefits from this course can be formulated as follows: Teachers will facilitate their teaching activities by being provided with the opportunity for: practical familiarization and use of ICT resources - Podcastind, Movie Making, Web 2.0, Blogging, ePortfolio, Wikie, Webquests and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, Mystery Skype and Chriptory to illustrate the new teaching content; new teaching methods - "Study-based learning", "Learning based on assigned tasks"; encouraging teamwork of pupils on the tasks assigned by their teacher; creation and implementation of motivating activities for their pupils through the use of ICT; student assessment by the teacher - refers to those colleagues able to include digital competences; Students will implement ICT resources in different learning disciplines; they will be more interested in the learning process, greater participation will be reached, easier disclosure of the learning content studied and its practical application as well as displaying greater autonomy and creativity; student cooperation in addressing their tasks through ICT will be enhanced both in and outside the school curriculum; students will receive more information for a shorter period of time; building students skills for self-learning and information gathering; working with information technology creates a positive emotional attitude towards learning; The school as an institution will improve its reputation among the public; there will be more qualified ICT lecturers who will make the learning process more exciting and motivating for students. The course will make possible the application of new technologies in the school disciplines, improve the curriculum on many subjects and the teaching methods in the school assemblies and the coordination and management staff and will lead to the internationalization of the Vocational High School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics. Participants: Teachers of English Languages Veneta Terzieva, Silvia Dobreva and Irina Grudeva and main teacher Evelina Gancheva.