Strong spirit in a strong body

Project for the program on Transborder cooperation with the Republic of Turkey"Strong spirit in a strong body" PGEE "K.Fotinov" - leading organsation, RIO Burgas - partners, directorate of education - Odrin, Turkey - partner, Teachers and students from Burgas and Odrin, members of the school board. Duration: 18 months from the date of signing the contract, 26.07.2013 Common target: encouragement of social rapprochement through affirmation of a social and integral role of sport in the region of Burgas and Odrin. Activities 1. Creating a multifunctional sport field(football field with artificial grass, running fields, a combined field for basketball and volleyball with tartan tiles, equipment with fitness devices and different devices for stimulating sport activity for kids and study and dont study in the school, including equipment for kids with special educational needs and spinal distortion. 2. Preparation and printing the method of usage of the devices for kids with special educational needs. 3. Creating a book with materials about "Strong spirit in a strong body" with exercises for kids with special educational needs and spinal distortion, and a hadbook for contests on games with balls and light athletics 4. Preparation and issuing a handbook for stimulation of kids that study in the school and to those that dont. 5. Preparation and conduction of a conference on theme "Sport - the short way of overtaking borders" with a report on theme of "Preventing child aggression and bullying", "Preventing usage of cigarettes, alchocol and drugs", "Preventing a state of being overweight and correction of spinal distortion through exercises ". "Introducing kids with special educational needs to a more active life ", "Strengthening the intercultural connections of the two border regions through sport contests". 7. Conducting a week of ball games - football, basketball and handball; 8. Conducting a contest on light athletics; 9.Equipping the junior orchestra with musical instruments; Special goals - Upgrading the majer sport infrastructure in the border region in support of equal potential, social and cultural service; - Establishment of common traditions in the topic of sports for stimulation of an intercultural dialog, mutual familiarization and exchange of practice; - Confirming the role of physical education and sport as a key element in the educational system in the region. - Development of a team spirit, solidarity, tolerance and a fair game.