Software development

Software development In the curriculum of the course are included theoretical and practical classes mainly in programming - algorithms, data structure, programming with algorithmic language, Object-oriented programming, visual and internet programming. Additional topics in the training are still in the field of computer equipment, operating systems, computer networks and Internet. Document for acquired qualification - after successful passing the State Exam, the trainee receives a second degree of professional qualification. Vocational training provides knowledge about: Modern programming languages ​​and working with them; Programming technology; Computer systems and networks; Computer graphics and WEB design; Application software; Internet programming.                         Qualification characteristic: After completing the training in the specialty, the trainee will be able to: Apply different tools, methods and practical approaches to removing software and hardware defects; To use systematic, applied and specialized software for specific tasks; To use programming toolkit to develop software products and systems on client's order; Tests, localizes and removes bugs in software products and systems; To commission and accompany software products and systems.       Five year training course, day form, for students graduating from my class. Successful graduates receive a diploma for secondary education and a second degree of professional qualification.