Electrical equipment for lifting and lifting equipment

The specialty "Electric Equipment for Lifting and Lift Equipment" gives the trainees the necessary knowledge and practical skills in the field of installation, maintenance, operation and repair of elevators and hoists (cranes, electric hoists, elevators and escalators). The aim of the course is to teach students a system of knowledge about modern ways of managing lifts and lifting machines; To develop skills to maintain technically up-to-earth lifting and lifting equipment by performing mandatory planning checks with the main checking operations and detecting breakdowns in electrical circuits, their components and removing them. Duration: 4 years Graduates receive: Baccalaureate; Certificate of professional qualification; Certificate of acquired competence to install and maintain the elevators. Professional development: Students who graduated from the 12th grade acquire qualification in the profession of Electrical Engineering, III degree. Upon completion of the training, students can work in: Service and repair of lifts and hoists Companies performing lifts and hoists As craneists and electricians in construction. Our slogan is: To reach the sky!