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School newspaper PGEE - issue 9 2015 year The Darba newspaper is an edition of students and teachers from the vocational high school. Over the years, it has established itself as part of the informal daily life of the high school, a field for professionals and a chance for young talent to appear. The "darba" newspaper is an edition that summarizes all significant events throughout the year, informs about new opportunities and expresses the spirit of the high school. School newspaper PGEE - issue 8 2014 The new issue of the school newspaper "Darba" came out. Here you will find information about the most interesting events of the past school year, you will be acquainted with the creativity of our classmates. Read it and you will understand why it is great to be one of us - the students of the PGEE "K.Fotinov"! School newspaper PGEE - issue 7 2013 Welcome to our trip to the world of Fotin High School! We, the team of the Darba newspaper, will show you through our gaze - loving places, interesting faces, exciting events ... We will take a curious look in the past, trace the European dimensions of the present and perhaps look into the future ... PGEE School News - issue 6 2012 Number 6 of the newspaper Darba is accompanied by a celebration of 133 years since the establishment of Konstantin Fotinov School and 45 years of vocational education. School newspaper PGEE - issue 5 2011 In the deep shadow of the rubrics Again the newspaper "Darba" is in front of you. A lonely and throbbing excitement shone in the eyes of those who wrote it. The reader will sink into the deep shadow of the rubrics and take the words with him ... Again, the Darba newspaper is in front of you. Many disciples and teachers will slowly walk into our souls with their sun-waving words, and outside the branches of spring trees will roll the ropes and cradles to the sun that readers will touch with their heads ... The newspaper "Darba" is our newspaper! Be lenient, reader, to the inevitable weaknesses and mistakes of growth. The speech of all the authors is the rain on our shoulders and we go in the rain with pleasure ... The Darba newspaper is our sign with a decent, inevitable, delightful and cheerful school life and rhythm. We will succeed! Dr. Petar Petrov School newspaper PGEE - issue 4 2010 Bright fairy of words Again, it's First Spring! The bells of joy shine in my mind. The boys 'and girls' voices crawl through the corridors of our high school. We need to find words to talk about the awakened land ... It's spring first! Quieter. As a star, the new issue of our electronic school newspaper "Darba" is enriched. You will probably find the bright fairy of the words for the Bulgarian, and a few of your classmates will come to your soul with their radiant thoughts, the cradle will sink from school life to humor and satire, culinary art and the magic of what exalts us: Patriotic songs ... And many more constellations of the joy of the work of students and teachers. The air is settling in every line of the newspaper. This is a newspaper for all of us. Do not be so critical, Honorable reader, let's not blame much. Believe in the tongue of the hearts of these young people who wrote it. It's spring first! Let's listen to the rain in the silence of the high school windows. And let's sink in the pages of our newspaper ... School newspaper PGEE - Issue 3 2009 The green circles of spring and hope I often think of goodness and beauty in our daily lives. I think, and in my mind shines the radiant mercy of the words I want to say before the First Spring. Spring is that magic that makes us smile and let go of our miserable habits just to survive. Spring is the joy we want to give you to shine in the pearl shell of your hearts. Spring is the gift of not letting the camps of thought go away ... For Spring Day we are giving you an electronic newspaper "Darba". This is your newspaper, dear reader, your idea of the world that enjoys and inspires you. This is the newspaper that your classmates wrote with much love and inspiration. Be lenient, reader, to our mistakes and shared thoughts. This is your and our school newspaper - the students, whose eyes shine the green circles of spring and hope. He whispered : Dr. Petar Petrov. PGEE School News - Issue 2 2008 PGEE School News - Issue 1 2007 The first issue of the school newspaper was published on the occasion of the 128th anniversary of the founding of Konstantin Fotinov School and 40 years of vocational education.