Project with the support of Microsoft

Project funded by the Operative program DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES and MON on plan BG051PO001-4.3.05 "Development of proffesional education and practice on relationships with a employer". The main purpose of the project is to update the learning process in the specialty Computer engineering and tehnology, In PGEE "K.Fotinov", Burgas through the development of an "educational park" in active partnering with Microsoft Bulgaria. Specific purposes: Modernising the methods of education through upgrading the education program and exam materials on previously picked moduls and adapting to the needs of the employer - partner; 2. Gathering of the needed infrastructure that helps the educational process in PGEE - Through the creation of an educational park - building the "Virtual Laboratory" and test center for proffessional certification; 3. Upgrading the skills of teachers from informational and communicational technologies, with participation in specific training for work with new server applications and applications in progress; 4. Adaptation of specific knowledge and skills of the students from informational and communicational technologies for the needs of the partner, through the conduction of practical studies for upgrading the educational program. 5. Presenting the goals, ideas and results of the project among the participants of the interested countries and sharing of the good practice by the partnering organization Microsoft Bulgaria, through the conduction of seminars and a visit. Main activities:Activity 1:Building a group for Activity 2: Practice for the teachers in the group for server applications and applications in progress. Activity 3:Creating an educational park for new knowledge, skills and competence. Activity 4: Updating the educational program and exam materials for the picked modules and their adapting to the needs of the employer - partner. Activity 5: Conduction of a seminar and a work visit. Activity 6: Conduction of education for students. Activity 7:Sharing the publicity of the project Goal group is 155 students, who are passing through the initiall proffessional education for the specialty: Computer technologies and computar nets and 5 of their teachers from PGEE "K.Fotinov" - Burgas.