Management and monitoring of the Project; Preparation and implementation of procedures for selecting external contractors; Selection of the participants in the project. Preparation of the dance groups, theatre troupes, groups for reenactment of national customs – Kukeri and Maiden’s party before wedding, groups for crafting different objects connected with the traditional trades in the cross-border area; Training program - consist of courses for: Web design, Video editing with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe fireworks, Cultural heritage courses, Choreography and staging of dances and customs, how to use specific photography methods in depiction of cultural heritage; Preparation and staging of joint school concerts that aim to revive the customs and the cultural heritage in the cross-border area – dances, theater plays, reenactment of folklore customs, performances from groups for authentic folklore, exhibiting of authentic folklore clothing and masks; Preparation and staging of accompanying intercultural events; Arranging joint Photo exhibitions “The spirit of tradition in the cross-border area”; Informational activities and publicity.