Choir for patriotic songs

The Choir for Patriotic Songs at the PGEE "K.Fotinov" was established in 2005 with the prevailing participation of the 2005-2006 classes. The idea arose in the lessons of home history when it became clear that none of the students had heard about the song "Shumi Maritza" - a military march and a Bulgarian anthem, which led the Bulgarian soldier in war. The goals were not ambitious - we had to learn to sing the songs of Bulgaria - those who were the flag and leader of our people with whom we started fighting and defeated the enemy. The songs that have preserved us as a people with dignity and honor. The first step in the realization of this idea was realized with the help of Mr. Radko Lovdjiev - a musical director and conductor with experience and high qualification. In fact, he believed in us more than we believed in himself - he gave us the confidence that we could get on stage as well. The first appearance of people was during a school quiz for Bulgarian history. We started to "speed up". We had a concert performance on a big stage in 2007, when we had a school holiday at the Burgas Opera. There followed invitations to other schools, national and school janitors. Stage costumes as a design are a reference to the Bulgarian guards tradition and very successfully relate to the character of the repertoire of people. We seized them after winning a MES Project to fund extracurricular activities. The conductor for two years is Ms. Iliana Pencheva - Music teacher at Prof. Asen Zlatarov University. She is one of us - always loaded with good mood and always asking for more. Our inspiration is inexplicable - it comes from the spotlights, the applause of the audience, the satisfaction of well done work, the songs we sing. Only who has been on stage can understand our excitement before participating and our diligence in the rehearsal process. The last concert was during the Burgas International Competition "Joy on the Beach" organized by the Municipality of Burgas on June 28th, where we won first place. The future is ahead of us. We have ideas - we have the will and the desire to make them happen. We have the courage to fight to keep this tradition of our school and we will do it. Singing is actually a pleasure. Try it too!