Site of the project: Entering of a bigger number of students for out of class activities; Stimulating the participation of students in voluntary activities; Help from students to students in class. Cooperation for the activites of the school - library, painting; Learning of dates and activities, connected with the voluntary work and upgrading the relations with voluntary activity; Relations to students from other schools, kids without parents and kids with a disadvantage. Participation in collective activities and education on relations between grown ups. Increasing the activity and the relations of the parents; Presentations, brochures and questionnaire for the volunteer. Ascending the name of the school in the public of Burgas through information on the activities of the project. There will be two mobilities with 3 students and 5 teachers. The project has a positive impact on the students, teachers and parents, commitment and activity. Our partnership favors communication with foreign languages, digital competence and helps with the information for voluntary activities.Group work on the project increases the feeling of the students as young european citizens. For the teachers it favors the learning of english, the work language of the project and increasing the interest of participation in european programs. On the 5th of December was marked the national day of the volunteer. The students participating in the project made posters and presentations on it. The period of the project has ended. The plans of the project have been completed. In the period of 2 years on this project have traveled 10 students and 9 teachers to Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Italy.