The selection of participants in mobility will be conducted by a commission appointed by order of the Director by the following criteria: GPA from grade 10 - max 10 points (Excellent-10 m, VERY GOOD-7.5 t., Good-5 t. Intermediate-2.5 t.); Assessment of training practice in grade 10 - max 10 points (Excellent-10 m, VERY GOOD-7.5 t., Good-5 t. Intermediate-2.5 t.); assessment of laboratory practice to grade 10 - max 10 points (Excellent-10 t, VERY GOOD-7.5 t., Good-5 t. Intermediate-2.5 t.); successfully passed an examination in vocational training consists of two parts a) test - questions of electricity and electrical examination - max 20 points; b) practical exam - implementation of practical assignment in power. measurement - max 30 points; Assessment matching motivation with the objectives of the project - max 10 points. participation in extracurricular activities related to the topics of the project - technical exhibitions, competitions, contests for the whole period of their stay in school- max 10 points; without penalty imposed by the Staff Council until the selection of participants in the mobility. active presence in the lives of high school - choir, dance, electro club and other projects. (Taking into account on equal points other criteria). The presentation of the project will be held on September 21 (Friday) at 12:40 in the the staff room. Contact information: Important notice: English language training will be held on Wednesday and Friday, starting on October 24. Training in vocational training qualifications will be held every Saturday from 9.00 to 13.00. From October 27.