Martin - trumpet orchestra

Long ago PGEE "K.Fotinov" has entered in the cultural heritage of Burgas with its own and unique appearance. What makes it recognizable and popular to the general public, along with the People for Patriotic Songs and the Guards Block is Martin - from the trumpet orchestra. His story is young but dynamic and filled with many exciting performances. In 2012 the director of the high school Kosta Papazov invited me to the conductor of Martin - trumpet orchestra. I knew that putting such a start would be difficult, but I relied on the support and organizational support of school leadership. I was about to organize the orchestra, because I saw the Director's enthusiasm and the students' desire to appear in a completely different field of art - art. Behind him I have a wealth of experience and it was a matter of honor for me to defend my name and authority as a musician, a conductor and a conductor. With the organizational support of our colleague Volodya Tsvetkov, a history teacher at the high school, we succeeded in motivating our students and building a united and ambitious team. And when a job is done with love, mood and desire, the results are not late. Numerous events are held by the orchestra in school events: opening of the sports complex in the school yard, holding and participating in a sports festival in Mladost Hall, taking part in patrons of holidays - home of the NHHC, sending of pupils and others. Besides these performances, the orchestra presents the school in common-city celebrations and celebrations, such as wreaths before the Russian monument, torches of IMRO on the occasion of the anniversary of Levski, participation in the celebration of the theater and puppet artists in Burgas. Participation in national holidays, participation in a torch procession on the occasion of 50 years PGЕЕ "K.Fotinov". Martin's successes - Trumpet Orchestra and its popularity are inspired by the students and satisfaction for me as a conductor. I am confident that once the festive marches are heard all the teachers and pupils, we are proud to be part of the whole chronicle of the PGEE "K.Fotinov" Simeon Staykov Director and conductor of Martin - trumpet orchestra at "K.Fotinov" PGEE